Protecting Your Assets

Providing multidisciplinary experts across all domains to protect and secure data, assets, applications, infrastructure, and users

Risk Management Framework

Provide support for the entire RMF Lifecyle with experienced personnel and proven automation and orchestration capabilities simplifying the RMF process

Computer Network Defense

Provide proactive holistic network defense through data driven insights to automate defensive actions which include monitoring, detection, analysis, response, and restoration

Assessment & Authorization

Assist with A&A activities by optimizing and streamline workflows that are implemented by experienced professionals

Vulnerability Management

Leverage threat intelligence and cybersecurity research to continuously identify, classify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities

Governance & Compliance

Apply data science techniques to ensure systems are compliant with regulations, standards, or best practices

IoT/ICS/SCADA Protection

Design and implement safeguards to effectively protect and monitor IoT devices and SCADA/Industrial Control Systems

Penetration Testing

Conduct blue, red, and purple team exercises using a polymorphic approach to continuously evaluate cybersecurity risks to develop and implement mitigation strategies

Security Design, Test, & Evaluation

Integrate cybersecurity controls and services into system architectures to minimize risks and costs

Our past performance includes providing network engineering, network architecture, telecommunications, cybersecurity, and migration/transition management services for federal and commercial clients.  As prime contractors, we have provided data entry support to the federal government.

Government clients can contract with us directly and quickly through one of our contract vehicles, including 8(s) STARS III and GSA MAS.

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