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Why our services

Our collective experience spans various industries and reflects expert knowledge in network/telecommunications, information risk management, and more

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Network & Telecommunications

Pathway Partners, LLC delivers cost effective and streamlined telecom support services to organizations mission and objectives.

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Leaders In Managed Security

Expert Guidance from Trusted Advisors

What We Do

Network and
  • Network Architecture, Design, Implementation, and
  • Unified Communications Design and Implementation
  • Transformation Planning and Management (TDM to IP Networks)
Information Risk
  • NIST Cloud Computing Security Working Group (SWG)
  • NIST Cloud Computing Risk Management Framework (CRMF)
  • Software Assurance Maturity Model (Agile & Waterfall)
  • Security Architecture Review / Security Assessments
Wireless Security
  • Secure Wireless Design/Implementation
  • Secure Wireless Surveillance/Analytics
  • Secure BYOD
  • Secure Mobile Wireless Networks (Command and Control)
Project and
Program Management
  • PMP Certified Personnel
  • Project Planning & Reporting
  • IT Governance
  • Acquisition & Contracting
  • Strategic & Tactical Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • System Life Cycle Implementation
  • Government Compliance
  • Quality Management
Professional Services

• Data Center Engineering
• Cloud Migration
• Network Engineering
• Network Security Engineering
• Unified Communications
•Network Engineering
• Wireless Security

We are known for taking a personal approach to highly technical projects in complex markets.

Pathway Partners offers an array of management consulting and technical services to meet the needs of our customers and the companies that support them.
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